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2 min min read - June 20, 2022

Let’s face it. Today the software development profession is hugely male , white , and 30-something-year-old dominated. I’m yet to see any solid proof of any good reason for that. I only see stereotypes and disadvantages embedded in our society.

The leading blocker for diversity coming into that sphere in the first place is the lack of it. Social-economic problems make the journey more difficult for some. Now it’s easier to get a mobile phone than access to clean water, and the barriers to entering this trade have become very low. That gives some hope.

Diversity is not an empty word for the software industry. The best players learned long ago that various backgrounds and characteristics improve the quality of their products and services by providing broader perspectives and a better understanding of their clients. The role and presence of women in tech increased (while it’s still far from desired). That is perfectly visible in Sofia, Vienna , or in peaceful times in Lviv and Kharkiv , where the ratio of women in tech companies was beyond the world average. If you look at today’s software houses in London, New York, or Berlin, you won’t see just one skin tone.

When I happen to attend boot camps or training sessions for people who want to learn this trade, my impression is that, at last, in the UK, we are far beyond the point when the average coder was like Dennis Nedry from the Jurassic Park.

I'm not an expert in equality, diversity, and social challenges. As an Eastern European, I come from a weaker position than an average English or American person. Yet I’m aware that I still represent the majority. It’s not something that we can forget.

My message is simple: when I or any of the managers I ever worked with read your CV, the only thing they are interested in are your skills, experience, and attitude. If you want to become a software developer—you can. Full stop.

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