Never work for free

1 min min read - June 21, 2022

  • Get hired for no-code, low-code roles like QA, support, etc.
  • Practice on Open-Source projects, start fixing typos or addressing issues others reported.
  • Never work for free, even on internship. Employers have benefits for taking interns.
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If you have to come back to the office

  • If you have to commute walk, run or cycle
  • Morning are for you
  • Two hours a day - don't waste them being idle
  • Expect facilities and perks for comming back to the office

if you are coming back to the office, even for a day or two in a week make sure it is worthwhile. instead of being stuck in the tube or in the traffic cycle, run or walk.

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1 min min read - June 21, 2022